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Exhibition Advertising on the Tate Website

This Photoshop mockup displays how the Virtual Exhibition would appear if it were featured on the Tate's website.

The Virtual Exhibition

The Virtual Exhibition can be navigated by mouse or following the guided tour around the space. See the QR code below its access.

Tube Poster Advertising

Advertising Posters have been used to attract an audience to the Exhibition. Locations of the posters are in busy London areas such as the Tube as evidenced.

The Virtual Exhibition QR link

Follow the QR code to view the Virtual Exhibition, The Art of Advertising, on Artsteps, a website that is dedicated to creating digital exhibitions modelled in three-dimensional space.

Beth McGlynn

Beth is a branding designer with a fascination in art history, looking to bridge the gap between art and design.

Beth's research focuses on teaching designers and artists about the parallels between their disciplines through the imagining of a Tate branded exhibition. The MA course has allowed her to develop research and practice orientated around Pop and Conceptual art with reference to its links to advertising design. Beth's studies have enabled her to become a lecturer in Graphic Design, teaching Level 3 extended Diplomas, from which she will continue to develop her research, practicing branding and exhibition design as well as educating the next generation of designers.

Major project

The Art of Advertising


Beth has worked as a Freelance Designer and illustrator since 2018 where she has been commissioned for branding content, children's books, marketing materials, and printing creations.