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Key Insights and Opportunities

Young professionals’ purchasing behaviours towards household e-products could be affected by their different living habits, environmental awareness and overconsuming behaviours based on various situations. Different living habits might affect young professionals’ personal needs towards certain products. With essential experiences and knowledge, they are more likely to make environmentally sound purchasing decisions and reasonable judgments. Young professionals want to get help from reliable resources, and they also want some face-to-face demonstration or verbal suggestions.

Prototypes and Iteration

The experience prototype was used to gain initial feedback from participants and identify some key problems in the system. According to their feedback, some changes were made in new navigation by merging overlapping functions and making more reasonable and logical flows. In iteration one, eight key tasks were identified for conducting performance and satisfaction evaluations. The average SUS achieved a better result in iteration two and there was a statistically significant difference between the first two iterations, and fewer negative instances were detected after iteration two.

Key Features

Users could choose different communities to join their company groups or organizations, and the system would provide personalized information based on their profiles. It could help users to find experienced experts for solving problems. 1-to-1 teaching service encourages users to acquire unique skills and knowledge from other expert users. Both sides would receive rewards after teaching service, and users could redeem those rewards afterwards. Users could discover their unique experience and skills then they could get more rewards by teaching others.

Jiashen Wang

I am keen on creating meaningful experiences and places through a variety of ideas.

I obtained my BEng and MEng from China. I've been working on architectural design and interior design in China before I joined the UXD MA program. I am good at providing ideas and describing concepts. I aim to discover more connections between users' journeys and the environment, and I also have a strong affinity for animation and the creative industry.

Major project

E's - Design to improve young professionals’ purchasing experience towards small household e-products

Work Experience

After obtaining my master's degree, I joined a local design institute for working on the concept development and project proposal of a vast range of projects, including schools, retails, commercial renovations and museums.