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User Evaluation

Following a number of interviews with representative users, qualitative data was analysed using affinity diagramming. This enabled the extraction of key findings and insights to direct future research and development, should the product be taken further.

Technical Diagram

An ultrasonic fogger vaporises a nutrient-rich solution in a water tank, which is then extracted and regulated around the hexagon shape with small fans. The solution is then absorbed by plant roots, and any excess vapour condenses and returns to the water tank to be re-used.
Since the water particles are very fine, the rate of absorption in plant roots is much greater than in traditional hydroponic and aeroponic systems.

Joe Daniels

As a designer with a background in history, my design approach involves extremely thorough research and testing to create impactful and more meaningful innovation.

My Qualities:

- Strong communication skills, particularly with international and multidisciplinary teams.

- Good project management and problem-solving skills, with an emphasis on technological development.

- Knowledge of C++ and good prototyping skills.

- Strong research and analysis skills with a multidisciplinary outlook on the design process.

Career Goal:

- My immediate career goal is to become a design consultant, with a particular focus on research and technological development. I love to keep raising the bar and surpass all personal expectations, and so I would appreciate any opportunity to refine my skills.

Major project

HexaGrow: A Personal Indoor Farming System for People in Inner Cities