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Test Result

According to two rounds of experimental results, plants can relieve people's stress and fatigue in the short term and make people feel relaxed, while 55.5% of people are willing to keep plants.


Five participants who have kept plants or pets for a long time were invited for interviews to investigate the effects and problems brought to people by living with nature for a long time.


According to the information obtained from online questionnaires and interviews, the user portraits of users who need indoor natural therapy are summarized by locating the target population.

User Journey Map

The emotional state changes of participants in two rounds of short-term plant companionship experiments were presented, as well as the positive effects and advantages, opportunities and problems found in two rounds of plant companionship experiments.


According to the research results of this topic, indoor natural therapy has a positive impact on people and is feasible in the application of emotional relief, real nature has certain limitations, can try to combine virtual and real design.

Keyue Liu

Study on the effect and application of indoor natural healing

According to ergonomics theory, the principle and positive influence of indoor natural healing are studied. Through the method of user experience design, the theory of indoor natural healing is applied to the design, and the design is realized in the life of users.

Major project

A study to investigate the potential benefits of introducing elements of the natural environment on the mental health on people living in cities