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Lei Zhang

User Experience Design

Key insights and opportunities

Data was collated and analysed using affinity mapping. Key insights included:
Key insight 1: Lack of choice
Busy young Chinese professionals want to eat tasty and healthy meals while working hard to reward themselves and improve their well-being. However, finding tasty, low-calorie food is difficult, so they tend to choose tasty, high-calorie food and feel guilty about it.

Key insight 2: Anxious and depressed
Busy young Chinese professionals want to eat healthy meals and enjoy their leisure time socialising with friends and colleagues. They want to maintain their friendships while also staying in shape but often feel anxious and depressed because they believe their previous efforts to manage their weight have been negated by eating too much high-calorie food.

Key insight 3: Unsatisfied and confused
Busy young Chinese professionals want to monitor and self-manage their diet and exercise throughout the day to stay in shape and feel confident. However, they are often required to input too much data and are not provided with useful interpretations of their workout and diet-related data, making it hard to evaluate their lifestyles.

Design iteration

Insights were turned into opportunity statements and “How Might We?” questions were generated to think of divergent solutions to the issues.

These were consolidated using an opportunity matrix and an initial concept was expanded to include key features and design principles.

A co-design session with 5 users helped refine the idea further. Card sorting and the MoSCoW prioritisation method were used to finalise features and user requirements.

Feature1 See analysis of the data

Feature 2: Ask the AI assistant for help

Feature 3: Find healthy and tasty recipes

Lei Zhang

I am an responsible and empathetic designer willing to use design to support a better future for people and the planet.

Major project

Easy Fitness