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Lingyi Cai

Ergonomics and Human Factors

Research process

Shows the methods and project logic used in the survey to enhance viewers’ understanding of the project.

Lingyi Cai

By studying human factors and existing safety accidents, based on the pilots of shared eScooters in the UK, the project puts forward suggestions on the future development of eScooters and user safety.

In my last year's project, I explored the safety and development of electric scooters and gave recommendations. The implementation of the project comes from the opportunities and interest brought by the massive emergence of eScooter. At the same time, the occurrence of safety accidents also needs to be taken seriously. The project finally gave many recommendations from the rider, infrastructure, eScooter design and specific requirements. It is hoped that the eScooter pilot project that is about to be completed in the UK at this stage can be combined to provide new possibilities for the more efficient development of eScooter.

As a designer, after completing my ergonomics study, I added more rational content to my original theoretical system of user experience. In future work, I can investigate more objective factors when I understand the needs of users. Combining the dual aspects of perceptual and rational data, I can make designs that are more reasonable, safer, and more conducive to practical applications in the future development of the industry.

Major project

Human Factors and Safety Considerations of eScooter