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Key insight and opportunities

Social norms impact their eating habits.

People around them are the main factor in their food decision such as a friend, a co-worker, and a family. If they are the only ones who eat different foods from others, it makes them feel difficult to get along with others.

Unable to balance their eating route.

They force themselves to eat healthy food rather than being willing to eat it. Also, there are many wrong ways to eat healthy food. Many people are unable to modify their diet. Because adjusting the diet requires much knowledge and takes a long time to understand the nutrition in each ingredient. 

Difficult to access information.

They found it difficult to access information about buying healthy food. Also, it took a long time to find and compare the information. The information about healthy food is ambiguous and disrupted. Especially for people who started eating a healthy diet. They do not know what they need to search for healthy food. 

Design iteration

After collecting the insight from the research, the How Might We method was used to figure out the four actionable insights. Then, placed it on the evaluation matrix to define the best solution

In the first steps, participants are the design students in Loughborough University to do co-design (crazy’s eight). Then, competitor analysis research was used to avoid similar concept thinking.

Then, outsiders are encouraged to be involved in concept generation and user testing. The initial crazy’s 8 idea is not clear enough. The two participants were involved in brainstorming. Then, Early User Feedback with 3 participants to receive feedback on the design concept by focusing on the goals and needs of users.

Then, Secondary Research Secondary research was conducted to support the feature of the application and MoSCoW is used to manage the prioritized requirements.

The healthy Community Building

Creating an online community to exchange stories about healthy eating. The user can publish posts, stories, including being able to send messages to talk together between people in your neighbourhood and your friends. Therefore, everyone in society can inspire each other to eat more healthy food.

Creating the big data together.

The users can recommend their favourite healthy restaurants in their neighbourhoods to people around them to help them make purchasing decisions.

Feel relief with community

When they can't avoid the situation of having to eat with others, The application recommended the menu in that restaurant. They can choose the best food in that situation and give them more fun and varied dining experience. The application will collect the menus of each restaurant (unhealthy restaurant) from users in the community to share with other members.

Also, the application will random people within the community who have similar eating habits and goals to exchange stories and support healthy eating together. Moreover, the application provided the group chat to talk as a group and professional to help the user solve any problem.

Maninet Saengnoree

I aim to use my design to improve the world and make an easier life for everyone.

I am from Thailand. I graduated in Industrial Design. However, I have been an exchange student in Germany in the summer semester. I studied the interactive design and branding design module. This is a turning point that I started becoming interested in user experience design and service design.

After graduated I working in Digital Agency as a graphic designer before changing the position to a web designer. Then, I decided to study for a master's degree in user experience design at Loughborough University, UK.

In this course, I learned many technical tools for being a UX designer. However, my previous skills can adapt to help me during this stage (branding, graphic design, etc.) After I study in MA User experience design, I am still keen on it and need to work in this career field. Also, design solutions that connect people, and building society are the field that I very interesting in.

Major project

Encourage Thai young adults to consume more healthy food.


Playgreen Project - Shortlisted Hubbub Design by Nature 2020/2021

Work Experience

Creative and Digital Designer at We are Innosense (Bangkok, Thailand)
- Design graphics and work with a content writer to create new content on the online platform.
- Design graphics and site maps for customer's websites working with the developers to deliver the website.