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Product Development

The design of the product(s) followed a detailed process of sketching and modelmaking as well as verifications of electronic systems. This included the testing of the ergonomic and aesthetical aspects of buttons, display tilt, dimensions and the mechanical development of the camera compartment and more. Eventually, the internals was finalised fulfilling industry guidelines and standards like IP55 for being partly dust and waterproof. Final verifications were done using CAD and 3D printed prototypes.

Evaluation/ User Evaluation

Since physical models and prototypes were not allowed to be sent to other users for evaluation, the designer decided to evaluate the SkinCompanion products physically himself and through Online User Evaluations.
Semi-structured interviews and Roleplay were used as evaluation methods in individual sessions with participants.
After an introduction, hero shots, renders and other graphics explaining how the product works were shown to participants. Afterwards, the designer showed different slides with pictures of the product regarding all the different functional details, overall design and material as well as colour sections. Participants were asked to comment on the images and answer precise questions about different aspects of the design and their doubts. For the next step, the designer then asked the participant to use a pen or a cylindrical product with a circumference of around 12mm to test out the use and ergonomics of the Handheld device. This was followed by a detailed review of the UX design of the product with a working UX prototype that was scaled roughly to the size of the products display. In the end, the participants were asked about the value they see in the design and if they would use it /would have used it in the past.

Realisation/Product Use

The results of the Skin test are presented as Skin development with no negative connotations to avoid stigma. In further steps, the device also gives advice on what lifestyle changes and other remedies could help to improve the skin. It also enables the user to share results with a doctor and informs if some findings suggest medical intervention is necessary.
The data of the tests are also used to find suitable ingredients for skincare products to be custom made for the individual.
To reduce the amount of waste and improve the sustainability of transport and production the Refills come in recyclable Aluminium Pouches which are used in the SkinRefill container. With a vacuum pump mechanism, the skincare product is directly pumped out of the Pouch, reducing waste.

Overall the system of products will increase the confidence of users, help them to improve their skin quicker and lessen the workload busy doctors workload.

User scenario and Technical details

For more information and questions please contact me directly via email.

Surfacing project: Facemask AER-I

The Facemask AER-I is a surfacing project completed for the Advanced CAD module of the course. The aim of the project was to model a facemask with a perfectly fitting seal by using 3D Face scans of a person as a reference. The mask includes a HEPA- filtration system plus an electronic system that analyses the air travelling in and out of the filter to identify when it needs to be changed. This is indicated by the change of colour of the ON/OFF button light from green to red. Additionally, an internal UV-C light kills bacteria and increases the lifespan of the central filter. All the electronics and filtration systems are hidden inside the sleek nose component at the front of the mask, which can be taken off by rotating it 60degrees.

Mauricio Rocktaeschel

I am a driven, highly creative interdisciplinary Industrial designer with multicultural experience. I design projects with a realistic and pragmatic approach following a rigorous process of user and technical investigations informing iterative explorations and collaborations. Ideas are progressively tested, refined and reviewed with the client and user groups to inform the most suitable and impactful solution.

-Well developed technical and creative skills

-Excellent problem-solving skills with a technical outlook

-Deep understanding of the appropriate material selection and manufacturing processes

-Commercial awareness

-Strong qualitative research and analysis skills

-Strong prototyping skills and advanced knowledge about 3D printing technology

-High level of proficiency in CAD modelling, CAE and Rendering

-Strong communication skills, especially with multidisciplinary and multicultural teams

-My career goal is to become a design consultant particularly in the consumer product or healthcare sector. I am constantly evolving my skills so I would appreciate any opportunity to make use of them, refine them further and contribute to the development of successful products.

Major project

SkinCompanion: helping acne affected to take control of their skin


STARPACK 2021: AluPro Gold and Sponsor award (Winner)
For the design of sustainable and reusable aluminium packaging for shavers.
(Please contact me via email if you want to receive more information about the project)