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Storyboard - personas

Lucas is my main user persona, featured in this storyboard. He’s fabulously flamboyant. Lucas is 28 years old and is looking to make new connections within the LGBTQ+ community that is not solely included in the nightclub scene. His goal is to join an inclusive sports club, the challenge is that even though Lucas knows the people at the club are accepting and inclusive, the idea of his first training session is met with anxiety. The solution needs to allow Lucas a gradual gateway into the inclusive club that puts him in control of the speed at which he’s introduced to the different parts of the sport.

With the secondary persona, I wanted to express the other side of queer men. Callum is 23 and detaches himself from the LGBTQ+ community as he doesn’t feel he’s represented. Toxic masculinity is presented in the gay community through dating apps targeting queer men that play sports; Callum's only connection to the gay community is through these dating apps. He just wants to make new connections, but sports seem hard to get into without bringing attention to himself. There are problems Callum faces that are so nuanced I could not target - overall his persona allowed me to take a different view to aim the solution at the typical gay stereotype. This also allowed me to keep in mind that inclusive clubs are not the solution for all queer men that want to play sports, the inclusion of local clubs is important for users like Callum.

Service connection map

Bud sports will work on a level system of getting the user from no experience in a sport to the point that they can turn up to a training session with the ability to interact and enjoy the session. The key point in the service is allowing the user to be in control of their learning, giving them the chance to gradually make the connections in the club, putting social interactions are the centre of the service.

Information Architecture

The user journey when on the site is personal to the individual with the onboarding system; the earlier levels having more content than the later levels. The levels and what is expected from them is laid out and is explained to the user clearly. This site has so many branches and potential features, for example, the sports kit bundles that would allow the user to get all they need to play a sport in one go.

iterative design, user feedback

The process of refining the design was through creating a low fi prototype, showing participants for feedback. Doing a series of 'think a load' runs through the site. Participants generally liked the concept and user flow; this process of iteration needs more time than this project's time frame could offer. Having a 64 SUS score gives me the confidence that the design and concept are empathetic to the GBT queer men user group.

Future considerations

I truly believe that this project has the potential to produce a meaningful difference in sports uptake and comfort felt in sporting environments. I would love to keep working on this project and potentially pitch it to Sports Associations, Federations, and National Governing Bodies. I am incredibly proud of this project and hope it might inspire more to be done for the comfort of LGBTQ+ in recreational sport in the UK.

Mikey Nolan

I am experimental. I love exploring and challenging my perspective.

I embarked on this course from a visual communications background. My work over time on this course has become a lot stronger visually due to gaining feedback from participants during user research and testing. The opportunity to create meaningful design excites me, keeping to values of inclusivity and accessibility in design decisions. My strengths are in my creativity and collaboration; I have thrived working in groups online and in person, skills I will carry into the workplace. I will succeed in a career that allows me to keep growing as a creative and as a person, to gain new perspectives, and keep striving for inclusivity and accessibility.

Major project

Bud sports - strengthening the comfort felt by LGBTQ+ in recreational sports