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Mumbai Mockup I

Mumbai Mockup II

Handmade Scaled Architectural Model From Above

Handmade Scaled Architectural Model At Eye Level

Poorva Mohgaonkar

Poorva comes from an architecture background and is now experimenting with how audiences relate to space using principles of Architecture & Graphic Design.

Mumbai Meri Jaan studies the way people perceive and interact with public spaces, and how this can be used to disseminate information about the geographic location through branding in order to highlight the Mumbai's identity. The amalgamation of graphic design and architecture forms the basis of form for the public installation; a pavilion that will enhance viewer's experience and help people connect to the place. The project has helped bridge Poorva's past in Architecture with her current interests in Graphic Design, developing her skillset within the domain of Environmental Graphic Design.

Major project

Mumbai Meri Jaan - Graphic Design for Urban Spaces