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Quantitative data results from 3DSSPP for all three patient falls with both carers

The key output from all the data shows the forces on L4/L5 for all the patients and both carers in the 150mm fall and 300mm fall. The force it would take to arrest the 150mm fall with the 187cm carer on the 80kg 50%ile male is 14224N more the 5times what is agreed is the 99% capability of L4/L5. This increased to 32071N for the 300mm fall of the 100kg 95%ile male patient on the 187cm Male carer, a massive 12 times the acceptable capability of L4/L5. This gives clear data on the force that we put on the carer when supporting a falling patient and whether the carer is male or female or whether the carer is 187cm or 170cm. The forces on their L4/L5 discs are far beyond the acceptable levels of force that the spine should be subjected too. The mean Newtons of force on L4/L5 in the 150mm fall at all weights with all carers is 18205 Newtons and the mean Newtons of force in the 300mm fall is 26517 Newtons.

Theresa Tomlinson

As a Moving & Handling Advisor in an Acute NHS Trust, one of the most commonly asked question is should we be supporting a falling patient? Through qualitative and quantitative research this study is designed to factually answer the question.

I am a proactive and forward thinking ergonomics that has worked with manufacturers and Clinical engineering to ensure we have equipment that best suits the needs of our Trust. Product testing and trials is a key part of my role as well as investigating field safety notices. Patient handling training is also a large part of my role, I work with the specialisms to ensure they are correctly using their specialist moving and handling equipment, I especially enjoy the challenges of working within the theatre and procedure environments.

Major project

Supporting a falling patient