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The screenshot above compares the static AR poster with its activated counterpart. The poster disintegrates into segments that jitter around at different depths, forcing the audience to explore perspective and physical space in order to realign the pieces of the image into a coherent whole, or closely inspect each fragment as an image in its own right.

As a part of exploring the dimensions of horror through interactive softwares, Yijing experimented with filters that recognise the human face and trigger a visual effect upon certain facial expression. The image above collages different distortions brought on by the visual effects, with the face splitting into quarters as an attempt to frighten the audience.

Yijing Lin

Yijing utilises abstract expressionist approaches to project fear, discomfort & horror onto her audience through the interactive uses of 3D & AR technology via distorted symbols & imagery.

Yijing-Lin possesses a creative passion for producing art. Emotions are a significant element that motivates her to create, and music is essential in her process of painting. For Yijing, mood swings brought about by music are intriguing, pushing her curiosity into an exploration of the relationship between music, mood, and design, centring of themes of horror and fear. The purpose of the project is to integrate audio-visualisation through 3D and Augmented Reality technology to provide new opportunities for music promotion and display. Ultimately, this project returns to Yijing's abstract expressionist painting background, albeit, in the context of Graphic Design and Digital Technology.

Major project

The Unknown


(2017) CGDA Graphic Design Academy Award finalist
(2019) China University Student Computer Design Competition Jilin Province First Prize, National Competition Third Prize.
(2019-2020) National Illustration Biennale Finalist Award
(2020) CADA International Concept Art Design Award China Division Silver Award and Bronze Award
(2020)The Bronze Award in the China Division of the Sino-British International Creative Competition