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Yucen Jin

Ergonomics and Human Factors

Research method-questionnaire and interviews

The purpose of the questionnaire is to obtain a certain amount of user data and feedback in the short term to understand user characteristics and needs. 1. The main group of participants live independently in their own homes after retirement. 2. Although participants' technical abilities vary by level of influence by their background and experience, users with lower technical abilities do not mean that they have a negative attitude towards technology, but they may feel excluded.
Interviews: In the selection of participants, the elderly are the target population of the study. But family members and community staff are also indispensable participants in the medication and medical health process. They can describe the whole process from different perspectives.

Research method-Empathy experiment

To objectively judge the problem and reduce the influence of subjective assumptions on the research conclusion.

Design recommendation

The user persona, as a virtual role, represents user group needs and context characteristics. A storyboard was created to demonstrate the broader experience of the system and help provide a basis for the low-fidelity prototypes.

User testing

Testing1: In order to evaluate whether the current functionality and interaction are suitable for older users, combined with empathy experiments on colour and text research, in the prototype using different colour classification, the use of unified icons, text using regular font, text size according to information priority selection, to assess whether the redefined interactive process and visual stimuli are available.
Testing 2: The entire process of the improvement plan. The participant in the whole process can complete the process smoothly. The prototype design of the task-related process is simple and intuitive, and the logic is reasonable.

Project conclusion

Yucen Jin

Under the background of ergonomics and human factors, this project is centred on the elderly, combined with the user experience of current medication management tasks, to explore how to improve the usability of existing products or systems, to consider the impact of multiple human factors on people's capabilities while considering physical and physiological characteristics, and propose solutions.

Major project

Research on the usability of smart Interactive devices to improve the daily medicine support of the elderly