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Yue Liu

Ergonomics and Human Factors


This page is about the project conclusion.

Yue Liu

This project aims to explore possible improvements in the application of web-based teaching after the home quarantine. Since 2020, online teaching has become an auxiliary offline teaching method. Due to the impact of the pandemic, many schools around the world have for a short time adopted online teaching methods to replace traditional teaching methods. Online teaching takes the form of mobile phone applications and computer applications. During the home quarantine, online teaching has provided convenience for teaching and learning, which is not limited by time and place, and minimizes direct contact between people to meet the requirements of the special period of the epidemic. With the development of online courses, more and more related applications have gradually appeared. However, due to the suddenness of software development and lack of experience, the mainstream online teaching software currently used has exposed many functional deficiencies. With the improvement of the epidemic and the gradual opening of offline classes, whether online teaching methods will be replaced by traditional offline teaching methods has become a question worth thinking. At the same time, another question worth considering is whether online software can be improved to fit the current teaching model.

I am good at using SPSS to analyze the results of the questionnaire in the preliminary research stage. And can use Nvivo software to collect and further analyze the interview content. It is also possible to use software such as Photoshop for interface design. The future career direction tends to choose design-related jobs.

Major project

The improvement of online teaching application