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MUV-21 - working process

MUV-21 - full view of all components

Warden eye - a walkie-talkie & landform scanner

As the comparison with a common walkie talkie, this device was designed to integrate the function of landform scanning and warning, in order to provide better safety insurance when travelling in the wilderness. (This is not a practical product currently.)

Warden eye - a walkie-talkie & landform scanner

The upper area is the communication section, and the lower area is the scanning section.

Zihan Peng

Form follows function, and so as details.

Thanks to this one-year study at Loughborough University, I can have the opportunity to develop my skills and thinking.

As a designer, I prefer to think about the functions which can help people in different ways, and present them with simple design. Simple doesn't mean there is no design, instead, it means every detail should be well considered. My experience in CAD modelling makes me more sensitive to numbers, and I believe if the numbers are right arranged, the product will be practical and aesthetic.

Major project

MUV-21 - a light all-terrain tipper for mountain path maintenance